General Plumbing Services


With 0800 Plumber's latest leak locating technology we can locate leaks not only quickly but we can pinpoint the precise location. At 0800 Plumber we can locate water leaks whether it be underground, behind walls or under floors.  And by locating the leak quickly, you're minimising the extent of any potential damage that can be caused by the leak such as major structural damage.


Once the leak has been located, we can offer a range of fast and cost effective leak repair solutions whilst being aware of your needs and budget, whether it be a partial repair or a complete replacement.

We seem to be finding a good number of our clients getting horrendous water bills due to having a leaking watermain pipe from the water meter to the house. If you have already repaired your watermain pipe more than once there is little pint fixing it again, you may aswell put the repair cost towards replacement. We have a team who can even thrust a new watermain pipe under ground up to 75 metres allowing the job to be completed with very little fuss and bother.


At 0800 Plumber, we can offer a number of suitable solutions enabling you to enjoy a reliable and consistent amount of water pressure in your home or place of business. Low water pressure is common particularly in older homes, however there is no longer any need for anyone to put up with low pressure, poor quality showers, or just a dribble at the sink tap. Our well trained team will be able to point you in the right direction making sure you enjoy good water pressure, just like that hotel you stayed in last time.


If you have noisy pipes each time you turn the tap on and off, then you need to have it checked for underlying issues that there may be. Sometimes it is just from a spinning tap washer or a faulty valve, other times it is from poorly clipped pipe work that is banging together. None the less, whatever is causing the loud banging sound or thundering sound, it will most likely be putting unneccesary stress on the plumbing system which should be looked into before it causes a more serious failure.


The majority of older pipes, such as galvanised steel pipes, are prone to corrosion which can lead to poor water quality and taste, as well as leaks. We can assist you with a solution such as replacing your old galvanised pipes with the latest plastic piping systems that minimise noise, increase flow rates, and deliver fresh tasting water to all your taps.

We also specialise in carrying out full plumbing system replacements, and in particular the old black plastic piping sysyem which continues to fail day after day. We can generally manage to complete the work with minimal disruption to the area surrounding your pipes, and in the event that we do have to open walls, or remove tiles, etc, we have a full team of contractors on tap to pop around and make good what ever needs to be put back again.

The new plumbing system we use is call Dux Secura and comes complete with a 25 year manufacturers warranty.


If you've noticed a discolouration to your water or have noticed a change in taste, at 0800 Plumber, we can offer a range of quality solutions to have you enjoying the reliable and safe drinking water that you need again. Sometimes it can simply be just a look that is off-putting more so than the actual quality of the water.