Gas Services


At 0800 Plumber we are very much involved in the design, supply, installation, service and repairs of Gas Central Heating Systems, Gas Hot Water Systems, Gas Cooking, Gas Fires, Gas Heaters, Spa and Pool Heating, Outdoor Patio Heaters, and BBQ’s.

0800 Plumber is New Zealand's premier suppliers and installers of gas appliances for an abundance of home owners, shop owners, and landlords, from one end of the country to the other. 

We are your genuine one stop gas shop. We also have alliances with LPG gas bottle suppliers so we can assist you with getting your bottles delivered to site ready for connection.

We go out of our way on every gas job to give you a hassle free customer experience.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Turn on the tap and enjoy the luxury of endless hot water. We install more gas hot water systems in New Zealand than every other plumbing and gasfitting company put together nearly. From gas storage water heaters to continuous flow gas hot water heaters we are doing them, sometimes 5 or 6 a day.

If you need to know more about gas hot water call 0800 Plumber today. We can answer every question you will have have. Why gas, how efficient is gas, how long can I shower for? what ever your question, we will know the answer, and best of all we can provide a gas hot water system for you that will deliver endless high pressure amazing showers that will make your day, every day.

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Gas Servicing

Gas appliances, and gas appliance servicing is very important. A gas appliance that is not running properly or correctly as the manufacturer intended can put you and your family in danger of being poisoned by carbon monoxide or flue gases from incomplete combustion. These could make you often feel real drousy, unwell, and can even lead to death. If you are unsure about your appliances, or have not had them serviced in the last 2 years we highly recommend getting your gas appliances serviced. Ask your local 0800 Plumber who will also have a gas specialist in the team to pop around to your home to ensure your gas appliances are safe and operate efficiently as intended.

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Gas Cooking

Gas is the best way to bring out your cooking brilliance. From succulent roasts to tantalizing sauces. I have always wondered what the buzz was with cooking with gas until I finally moved into our current home which has a lovely gas cooker. Electric oven, but gas hobbs on top. I honestly feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have gas. You want to whip up some bacon and eggs for the family on the weekend, honestly you can do it better and in half the time with gas. You want to try and have a cheese sauce simmering to keep hot without getting ruined while the rest of the dinner is finishing cooking, try gas. Ever wondered why all restaurants and chefs use gas to cook on. Just stop wondering and get gas today, you never know, you might just be the next MASTER CHEF!!!

Gas hobs, gas cookers, cooking with gas, make it your choice today, you will not regret it, and if you want a red hot deal to get gas connected, get in touch with your local team at 0800 Plumber today.

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Gas Fires

Gas fires make a great feature and welcoming addition to any home, not only delightful to look at but also in providing a very comfortable atmosphere so you can feel snug. I was brought up on a lifestyle block where wood was plentiful and we had the old kent fire in the middle of the lounge, however it was always a hassle cutting and collecting wood, trying to get the fire started, and keeping the fire stoked up. No question they pump out heat once they are cranking, however they do not have the simplicity of a gas fire. Gas fires add the same ambience and warnth of you get a good one without all the hassle. In our home if we want a fire now we just press the button and bingo, the fire is on. 10 minutes later you have a warm lounge, glowing red coals, and a cosy place where all the family want to hang out. Hours later with no wood cutting or stoking of the fire required you decide to head to bed, well just click the remote and the fire is off. Just so easy, and of course no one has to clean the fire out every week or so, it is right ready to go every time.

Gas fires, if you live in the city get a gas fire, if you want easy, get a gas fire.

we recommend and install Rinnai gas fires mostly. We find the Rinnai gas fires to be economical, smart looking, and cost effective.

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