Drain Unblocking

do you have a blocked drain, we can get it unblocked fast so you are up and running again quickly

Street_Drain.jpgAt 0800 Plumber we can solve the smallest to the largest drainage problem. We use specialised equipment to get your drain cleared quickly with generally no hassle and very little mess. On completion we clean up regardless anyway and leave your place fresh and ready to role.

The most common way we clear blocked drains is either through using a hydrojet, or a rigid drain cleaner. We find we can unblock 90% of drains with these machines and in the event we cant we will arrange for a camera to go down the line for you and provide you a picture of what the issue is. From here we will ake a plan for solving your drainage problem. It could be a number of things, collapsed drain pipe, broken connection, or just escessive roots, whatever the problem though, we will sort it for you.

How does it Work?

When our team at 0800 Plumber use the hydro-jet machine, high pressure water is forced through a flexible hose which can move through most bends and has the ability to travel significant distances down the pipe allowing us to clear the blockage, or blockages in the drain.

The hydro-jet has the capability to tear deposits from the pipe walls and floors, and shear through minor tree roots, so your drain is consequently very quickly unblocked.

We have multiple types of Hydro Jets Units. Most of our unblockers have a hydro and water tank on a trailer, or a hydro and water tank on the back of the truck, these standard hydro jets are used to clear up to a 150mm pipe lines. We also have a range of nozzles for all types of blockages ranging from roots to silt and debris.

Plus of course we have the rigid pipe cleaning machine which is also in a number of our plumbing vans. This will also clear most domestic drains.

It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what your problem is until we get there and access the situation, so we do recommend that you contact us and we can quickly ascertain the nature of the problem and provide the most appropriate course of action. We cant always make the perfect decision in sending the right equipment first time, however rest assured we will see that your problem gets solved quickly. Due to the nature of drainunblocking, it is not a job we can pre-quote and there is a minimum charge to get a man to your job, even if we have to send another tradesman with different materials.

SPECIAL NOTE: At this point in time we cannot guarantee that every 0800 Plumber in every town in New Zealand will have all the same equipment, however if you call them they will soon be able to notify you of what they have, and point you in the right direction if it happens to be a blocked drain issue beyond their individual capability, or if with the equipment they have they feel they cant help you.

call the team at 0800 plumber today for a quick chat about your blocked drain so we can get someone out to you fast to get your drain unblocked quickly