Bathroom Renovations

At 0800 Plumber, we consider the bathroom to be one of the the most important rooms in the house. There is a lot more to a bathroom than meets the eye.

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Bathroom Renovations and new Bathrooms completed by 0800 Plumber

0800 Plumber has a huge team of well trained tradesman who can make your bathroom renovation happen quickly, without a hassle, and on time for the price that was agreed upon in the beginning. We have completed hundreds of bathrooms so we can accurately price your bathroom to avoid any unwanted surprises. Our bathrooms at 0800 Plumber are all completed to a very high standard and in accordance with up to date regulations ensuring a long lasting premium bathroom for you to enjoy.

All of our bathrooms at 0800 Plumber will be fully project managed to make sure we minimize any hold ups which could delay the end result and finished bathroom.

We will provide you with a hassle free bathroom renovation experience which will include full project management

We have created a specialist team who have backgrounds in bathroom design and new bathroom installations. We know what works, and most importantly what doesn’t when it comes to getting you a fantastic result.

We can take full responsibility for every aspect of your new bathroom. From start to finish, we are here to answer your questions, help you with making the right decisions, ensuring that you purchase quality products that will work with your set out and space, and working closely with all the contractors to make sure the quality of the end product is second to none, a bathroom you are proud to show your friends, because after all we would like you to recommend all your friends to us also.

Growing in both reputation and size has enabled us to proudly offer product choices from many different manufacturers. We stock many different products from low cost to premium quality ensuring we are also able to meet your expectation of price.

Most bathrooms we complete are in the $25,000 to $30,000 price bracket, however we do some very basic bathrooms starting from about $15,000 to some very elaborate bathrooms in excess of $50,000 each.

If you just require a new shower, or toilet, or vanity... obviously the price would be less, however even a shower replacement now starts from about $5,000 upwards, and if we have to do decorating or tiling, you soon end up closer to $10,000.

We can cater for almost everyone, however we will only do a job we can guarantee, and we will only do a job we can put our name to and proudly say we did it. We are not at all interested in completing sub-standard work. We are not cowboys. We are your local team of Master Plumbers who specialise in delivering exceptional results.

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