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choosing the right hot water cylinder

Whether you are upgrading your old hot water cylinder, getting the best possible hot water pressure out of it, or making an enquiry about having a new hot water cylinder installation at your home, talk to your local 0800 Plumber for some expert advice in selecting the right system for you. There is not always a right and wrong answer based on electric or gas, high or low pressure, it can also come down to the family dynamics of the customer, how often they are home, how many people in the house, etc. and our expert plumbers have an enormous amount of experience installing all the different categories and brands of hot water systems that are available in New Zealand, so they can certainly point you in the right direction.

Our specialists at 0800 Plumber can also perform repairs, maintenance and safety checks on your current heating systems to ensure the system is operating safely and efficiently, making sure you are getting the pressure you want from your hot water cylinder.

Common Hot Water Problems and Repairs

  • Hot water overflows
  • Poor hot water pressure
  • Leaking hot water cylinder
  • Hot water running out to fast
  • Noisy hot water cylinder
  • Hot water cylinder drain dripping continuously

These are all part of our every day service at 0800 Plumber

We would love to help you solve your hot water cylinder issues




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